DevNet Associate (DEVASC 200-901)

The DevNet Associate Exam is a 120 minute exam costing £246. It’s brand new at the time of writing. According to Cisco it is on the same level as the CCNA, so with any luck it will develop the same desirability in industry.

I’m coming at this from zero DevNet experience, so there will be a learning curve, and notes may change at a later date as my understanding grows.

I’ll start with resources from the cisco site.

Modules / exam topics:

1.0 Software Development and Design (15%)

2.0 Understanding and Using APIs (20%)

3.0 Cisco Platforms and Development (15%)

4.0 Application Deployment and Security (15%)

5.0 Infrastructure and Automation (20%)

6.0 Network Fundamentals (15%)

Notes on areas you struggled