General Notes and reminders – Understanding and using API’s

Can use curl in the command line to call pages.

curl | python -m json.tool

If the output is a json file and python is installed you can pipe the result to python -m json.tool for the formatting.

Other tools that can be used to send REST API requests / might be useful for other API things:
cURL: Linux (and now windows) command line application. (how to form simple calls see here – requires you to be signed in but it’s free) – uses GET
Postman: Chrome browser plugin and application. – (This one is quite pretty) – a simple howto is available using the above link.
Python Requests: Python library for scripting. Will be useful for automation – documentation here)
OpenAPI/Swagger: Dynamic API Documentation.

In Postman – once set up: 

In this line you can see that you can put multiple paramaters in using the & symbol:

Here we can see the expression, the status and the payload of the request above.