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XSLT is a functional programming language, and is used for converting one XML document into another XML document.

Not many developers were familiar with XSLT, so they developed SLAX, which uses the same semantics as XSLT but has a syntax that is more similar to popular programming languages such as C. Included in the Juniper box there is a translation process (XSLT engine) that takes a SLAX script and converts it to a XSLT script, which acts on the XML in the same way an XSLT script would.

XML API Explorer
XML Schemas in Juniper are quite large (some more than 35mb!) which can make them challenging to search through using a text editor / grep. Juniper have offered the XML Explorer tool online here which is a more human readable and searchable form of the schema document. It’s a good place to start when working out which rpc calls to use if you don’t already know the command, and gives you all the parameters and descriptions.